Golf for Autism!
The Joshua School hosts its 2nd annual golf tournament at Todd Creek Golf Club in Thornton on Friday June 6. Looking for sponsors & golfers!


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An overactive brain creates the perfect internal environment for breakdown and burnout because the repair systems of the body are deprived of their main job: restoration.  When your brain is constantly tied up in overactive thinking fueled by perceived threats in life -- my manager doesn’t like me; I won’t be able to make deadline; I am afraid to public speak; fly in a plane; confront my co-worker -- you render yourself extremely vulnerable to a biological push-back. By Lauren Miller

Crowdfunding, tech-oriented alternative lenders and resurgent venture capitalists are rewriting the financing rules for startups and upstarts seeking growth capital. Entrepreneurs still need to show investors they can generate sales, and alternative loan rates can be steep, but now those with a vision and the industriousness to make it happen have a better chance of finding financing that fits the stage and scope of their enterprise. Here’s a look at how those funding options are playing out in Colorado. By Eric Peterson 

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I am not a coupe man; I prefer a sedan's four doors. A coupe's doors are larger and heavier, and getting in and out of the back seat is a struggle. The coupe's sleeker lines also tend to mean a tad less visibility. Having said that, these two BMW models, while suffering from the normal coupe drawbacks, are quite handsome vehicles, instantly recognizable as BMWs. But the truth is, I disliked one of them and loved the other. By Jeff Rundles

We're looking for the 21 to 39-year-old go-getters, mobilizers and hot-shots in Colorado. Sound like any one you know? Nominate them today! Deadline: May 23
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