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I like a good deal as much as the next person, but I’ll be damned if this chef is going to abandon poultry in the TDZ (Temperature Danger Zone) in exchange for a deep discount on electronics. I’m not anti-business, nor anti-football (insert mandatory “Go Broncos!” here); I just prefer to refrain from the consumer chaos on Thursday/Friday.  Instead, I save my money for the latest “holiday.” By Laura Cook Newman

Bosses, beware: The employee versus contractor trap
It’s a risky bet that many employers have taken in recent years – classifying all or some of their employees as independent contractors in order to avoid employment costs. Maybe it was advice given by their accountant or just a family friend. Maybe they saw one of their competitors reclassify all of their employees and it seemed like a savvy business strategy. By Kalen Fraser
The marriage of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques has unleashed a veritable gusher of oil and natural gas in Colorado. With more than 51,000 wells, the state ranked fifth in the nation for gas and ninth for oil production in 2011. Last year, Colorado’s producers set records as they extracted almost 50 million barrels of crude and 1.7 million cubic feet of natural gas from the state’s rich oilfields. By Lee Buchsbaum

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Looking at the past can help inform the future, and it’s a good time to look at the trends coming our way in 2014. How will advances in technology impact the business world and HR processes? How will the rise of a global marketplace change the way people are hired? How will the need for more diverse and skilled workers affect the hiring process? Here are some HR trends to consider as we move into the new year. By Pat Greer
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