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We often over-commit because we expect to have more time in the future than we do in the present. Then when time passes, we still can’t (reasonably) fit in that extra work assignment or industry happy hour. What’s more, the idea of saying “no” instills the fear that we’ll lose respect, damage relationships or anger someone important to us, according to the author of the book The Disease to Please. By Marissa Banker

More on the accounting Super Bowl
Rather than attempt to develop an overall separate set of accounting standards for private companies, the PCC has developed an agenda to address certain standards that present the most issues in practice. In our analogy, the AICPA, represented by the Seattle Seahawks, made its impact felt, but we live in Bronco country, so it says here that the FASB’s PCC will prevail as the more favorable model. Peyton Manning’s Broncos/PCC win the Super Bowl, at least of private company accounting standards. By Greg Pfahl

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Our six economic forecasters expect the recovery following the Great Recession (December 2007-June 2009), to continue through 2014. If that is indeed the case, it will exceed the post-World War II expansion average of 58 months. Their growth rate forecast for U.S. output (Gross Domestic Product adjusted for inflation) varies from a modest 2 percent to a relatively robust 3.1 percent. By Tucker Hart Adams

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