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Recently, I attended a workshop and met an individual with whom I was interested in doing business. I loved the service she offered and expressed my interest in attending her upcoming classes. She assured me by placing my name on her sign-in sheet that she would send me information. I was so excited and ready to buy now! That was six weeks ago; I have yet to hear a word. By Teri Karjala

In search of a great exit: Part II
It’s the ultimate goal of an entrepreneurial venture – a good exit. Yet the odds are against the entrepreneur – most ventures fail.  It often is a harder journey than expected.  Getting to a good exit typically requires a bold vision, the right team, persistence, many pivots, hard work, some luck and much more.  For those on the right track, however, it’s never too early to prepare for an exit. By Theresa Szczurek
Magnetic leaders know what they want and how to get it in order to achieve goals. Using pressure to meet goals is an important tactical skill that should be used to communicate urgency, importance and accountability. But keep in mind that this skill, if over-used or over-relied upon, can be an inhibitor to effectiveness, so learn when it is appropriate to push the boundaries. By Derek Murphy

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Rick Weissner liked biking with friends on weekends, but found chatting difficult. So he launched Cat-Ears in 2012 to solve the social biking conundrum. Inspired by the animal kingdom, Cat-Ears use faux fur to divert the rush of air around the ears and stifle noise. The company has since launched eight Cat-Ears products.  By Eric Peterson
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