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Bloat is not only bad for our waistlines but also for companies. Unnecessary white papers and valueless meetings grow like barnacles on a ship and must be scraped off every so often. By Todd Ordal 
Hope for the best, plan for the worst 
Small businesses armed with well-organized plans to mitigate the impacts of disaster will avoid becoming one of the many businesses that don't rebound from catastrophe. By Bryan Von Axelson 
You have a choice. Success is self-determined. In the end, business and life are exactly what you choose to make of them. Choose to be lucky! By Theresa Szczurek 
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This year's 10 sales pros tabbed as "most powerful" rarely talked about a sale in terms of an isolated transaction. Rather, they talked about the teaching, demonstrating and trust-building that culminate in a sale. By Mike Taylor  
 "Deal or No Deal? The Ultimate 2012 Question" at 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 25 at the Brown Palace Hotel.  Go here to register! Plus -- read the latest ACG news here and web exclusives here. And check out ACG's Special Section! 
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Board advisory consultant Tracy Houston talks about strategies for building a board. 
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What businesses need to know
Editor Mike Cote talks with Dirk Anderson and Mike Weber of Coalfire Systems about why cyber-security is crucial for every company, regardless of size.  
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