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If it comes to an exit – either a resignation or termination – taking the high road is always best. To accept the resignation of a valued employee is perhaps most difficult, especially if they found something “better.” But it’s rare that a resignation comes by surprise. Usually both the employee and our management team realize that person is better off somewhere else. By the time the resignation arrives, we’ve done all we can to make that person feel more valued and accomplished in their role – and they’ve done a lot of soul-searching. It’s not easy to extend a hand, take the high road or ‘save face’ when the employee hasn’t been a good fit, caused problems or harmed the team. But it’s always the right thing to do. By Erin Gibbs

Though the highly competitive breakfast cereal category has long remained stagnant, the Love Grown Foods team observed emerging trends in the natural products marketplace and zeroed in on the lack of bean-based products for breakfast alternatives. The company is the first of its kind to produce and market a bean-based breakfast cereal, recently debuting Power O’s, made from navy beans, lentils, garbanzo beans and brown rice. By Gigi Sukin

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A top salesperson knows how to listen – and how to ask questions that matter. Add to that enthusiasm, empathy, passion and willingness to roll up your sleeves and put in the time. Superstars aren’t content waiting for customers to come to them – they’re persistent. From weathering budget cuts to stiff competition and the daunting task of getting to C-level decision makers, the challenges faced are vast and complex. At ColoradoBiz, we’ve recognized outstanding sales talent and the tactics behind successful local businesses for years. By Jamie Siebrase

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