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Look back over your career and identity two different situations or outcomes.  In one, you were a star employee.  In another, you were less than successful. What enabled success in one and failure in the other? By Tim LaMacchio
Don’t expect the same lawyer to do everything. Any one lawyer who tells you they are an expert in every legal issue you will face is lying. Lawyers specialize. A lawyer may know something about many areas but won’t know everything about everything. By Cindy Wolf
Icebox Knitting came about in 1993 when co-founders Josh McGlothlin and Scott Baker were commissioned to make hats for a Boulder store. “We bought a little hand flap machine and knitted 500 hats before realizing there had to be a better way,” Baker recalls. By Eric Peterson
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What skills are being taught today that will have little or no value in the future? More importantly, as college costs escalate, and repayment plans extend for decades, does the usefulness of a college education end before the payments do? By Tom Frey

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