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Since I'm proficient in the kitchen, I can dice mirepoix for homemade soup before someone can Google the word mirepoix. But when it comes to investing beyond the company's 401k, I was like a clueless home cook wondering what the heck roux is. If we were all experts in every profession, no one would ever go out to eat again. The simple truth is that we need to outsource some tasks - in our lives and in our businesses - to focus on what we do well. Outsourcing is a smart decision that creates a favorable ripple effect throughout commerce. By Laura Cook Newman

Getting your future ride on
Within 10 years, your dreaded 7:00 am commute that takes two hours and half a tank of gas could be shortened to 20 minutes and virtually no gas. As networks expand, the definition of a metro area will expand as people begin to routinely commute 500 to 1,000 miles each way for their jobs. High-priced real estate will likely lose its ability to command their current exorbitant prices, as far less expensive communities suddenly become only minutes away. By Tom Frey 

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Don't you wish people would always behave in a mature and professional manner, without any conflict? Unfortunately, reality shows us when people work together there is bound to be conflict, and most workplaces have a problematic staffer or two. Clearly, no one wants to work with a difficult employee. But there's a catch. By Derek Murphy

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A look at John Madden, Jr. Leadership Award winners Bob and Judi Newman and finalists Duke Hartman and J. Landis Martin. Read more.

Craine chat
ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin talks with UMB Bank's Eric Craine, senior vice president of Consumer Services, about what customers expect from their bank.


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