Combine five great IT companies and what do you get?  An even better one.  One source. One call. One point of accountability for all your IT needs.  

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Crying doesn’t work as a tactic. Except maybe with that cute cop who’s about to give you a speeding ticket. But not with your boss. So what should you do instead? Own it.  If you make a mistake? Admit you were wrong. If you are self-aware enough to admit this, then you won’t be taken by surprise when the boss tells you what you did wrong. Dodge it. Feeling like an emotional basket case on the day of a meeting? Reschedule. Avoid being in a situation that will bring out the tears. If you can’t reschedule? Go for a run, take a walk, hop on that hot yoga mat around the corner. By Jane Miller

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With all of the changes going on in health care, the thought that having a formalized construct from which to embrace and make these changes was viewed as a way to effectively move forward in this dynamic environment. Sky Ridge decided to use the Baldrige National Performance Excellence criteria, via the regional RMPEx program, to provide that framework. So, back in 2007, they started their journey down the yellow brick road. They have yet to reach the Emerald City but shared the top 10 lessons they’ve learned so far. By Triche Guenin 

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Kenneth Weiner is founder and CEO of the Denver-based Eating Recovery Center, which by year’s end will operate 12 centers in four states, including five in Colorado. He previously founded three other eating disorder programs specializing in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder. By Lynn Bronikowski

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Red Robin CEO Steve Carley talks about why his company is a 2013 Top Company winner. Read more about Red Robin.

Insider Insights: TAG Insurance Services
Greg Ahbe with TAG Insurance Services lets consumers know what his agents can offer for home, auto and life insurance. TAG insurance agents are Local Agents with National Power.

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