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Writing was a labor-intensive as well as an emotional experience. But it was a worthwhile project. As Russell Baker said, “Life is a braided cord of humanity stretching up from time long gone, and that it cannot be defined by the span of a single journey from diaper to shroud.” Stories of my family were representative of what happened to millions of Chinese people in the first 30 years under Communist rule. I owe it to my family to write down what happened and sincerely hope history will not repeat itself. By Helen Raleigh

Let’s say your start-up company is 4 years old and has become wildly successful.  You have consulted your board and advisors, you are ready to exit and believe a fair valuation for your company is $50 million.  This valuation number was derived from comparable exits of companies similar in size, industry and growth trajectory.  You find a willing buyer and receive a letter of interest, or letter of intent to buy your company for $50 million.The only catch: The buyer requires the dreaded due diligence. By Dan King

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You have insurance on your car, your home, and your health, which ensures that you will be taken care of in the event of an accident or natural disaster. Insurance gives you peace of mind that you and your assets will be protected. Do you have the same peace of mind when it comes to your businesses data and applications? By Amy Gregory

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A look at Colorado Companies to Watch alum Bhakti Chai, founded by Brook Eddy in 2006 after a visit to India. Register to attend the 2014 Gala.

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Mike Hester of Colorado Companies to Watch alum Beacon Communications, talks about his business.
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