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The best business environments are self-regulating or as close to self-regulating as you can get them. Ten-to-one reporting relationships are manageable and profitable when the rules are few and common sense prevails. Well-designed organizations take into account the weaknesses of humans, and they appeal to their well-being. This applies to government, families and businesses. It doesn’t mean there are no rules or regulations, but when given the choice between a rule and natural consequences, natural consequences get the nod. By Todd Ordal

Top 10 cold-calling mistakes
Cold calling should be simple, right? Pick up your suit of armor to face all the rejections you'll hear in a day, keep your eye on the prize of new sales, and lift that telephone receiver. Success and money will roll in. Or will it? If cold calling were as simple as the thoughts above, everyone would do it, like it and succeed at it. But cold calling is not for the faint of heart. By Sam Dobbins 

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Have you Googled yourself lately? Not for vanity’s sake, but rather for your reputation. It’s hard to believe how much power the internet holds when it comes to the perception of your brand. You can have the best website in the game and offer outstanding services, but when a negative review goes viral, it can often feel out of your hands. A poor online reputation impacts the bottom line of your organization, but the good news is: it can be resolved. By Amy Kelsall

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The people behind CBCA Impact Award winner AspenPointe and finalists Arts Brookfield and Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group talk about their businesses and goals. Read more about the winner and finalists.
Digital marketing
Brian Moran of Brian Moran & Associates talks about digital marketing in a video from the Colorado Business Marketing Association.


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