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Many years ago, I read Fredrick Brooks iconic book on software engineering – The Mythical Man-Month. One of his key messages is that adding additional software engineers to an already late project will just delay things more. I like to take a different approach – if a project is late, take people off the project, shrink the scope, and ship it faster. I think rather than a tech surge, we should have a “tech retreat and reset.” By Brad Feld

The zen of holistic investing
By the end of their careers, many people have multiple investment accounts. To maximize your investment returns, it is important to manage all of your investment assets holistically. Holistic investment management requires an asset management plan that encompasses all of your investment accounts. Only 27 percent of investors say that they look at all of their combined assets to come up with a master asset allocation plan. If you are in the 73 percent that don’t, here are some strategies. By Wayne Farlow
GenXYZ winner: Jeremy Atencio
"WhI worked in Gov. Roy Romer’s office and then I went to work for US West, which is now CenturyLink. My job was to lobby before the Federal Communications Commission and different state regulatory commissions. I worked with a team of businesspeople and lawyers to craft our positions. I enjoyed working with lawyers, and a lot of the work was similar to what lawyers do, so I said, why not go for it?" By Lynn Bronikowski

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Executive wheels: Beauty and the beast
I place these two cars together because they are very similarly priced, although after that, they are completely different. The Mazda 6 is a four-door, five-passenger family sedan, while the Hyundai Genesis is a two-door coupe. If the low- to mid-$30s is in your price range, and you have some flexibility in the type of car you drive, then both of these should at least be on the test-drive list. By Jeff Rundles
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