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Our goal here is simple: How fast can we return to solution-based thinking that benefits the good of all concerned, including our company’s overall well-being, internal and external? When we face a perceived problem understand that behind the mental curtain, we feel threatened which often times leads to procrastination and avoidance behavior. Let’s face it – we avoid those things that we feel incapable of handling easily and successfully. In order to flip our primal response of fight, flight or freeze into constructive solution oriented actions we first need to identify specifically what we perceive to be the problem at hand. Clarity of focus consistently reveals accuracy of response. By Lauren Miller

The eight-location Snooze AM Eatery wants to reduce its total energy use by half and water use by 25 percent between 2010 and 2020; and it plans to do this with several initiatives. Customers waiting for their tables are given coffee and water, and last year Snooze switched to reusable cups, replacing 50,000 cups per year, per location. The eateries get bagged bread deliveries daily, so Snooze partners with a company to recycle 1,000 bags per location per month to turn the plastic into outdoor furniture. By Maria Martin & Nora Caley

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Something to keep in mind is that correlation isn’t necessarily causality; just because two things occur simultaneously, one doesn’t automatically cause the other. I was reminded of this rule when I read a recent article about how the 10 drug companies that make the most money from doctors who prescribed their products to Medicare patients spend tens of millions of dollars lobbying the federal government. Does one trigger the other? Maybe. By Tucker Hart Adams

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