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From across a room, if you saw a tray of opaque, amber-colored beers go by and one of them had an orange slice in it, you’d know that one was a Blue Moon. Slice of citrus = walking billboard = (practically) free advertising. Have you ever been served a Corona without a lime?  If you have, you are at least 54 or rocked a great fake ID.  Because in 1981, a bartender bet his friend he could start a trend by adding a lime wedge into the neck of the bottle. By Laura Cook Newman

CBCA Philanthropy Award
Though Arrow relocated its headquarters to Denver about two years ago, the electronic components provider had no intention of abandoning its 80-year tradition of supporting the arts. “It starts with Arrow’s vision, values and brand message,” said Rich Kylberg, vice president of corporate communications for the $21.4 billion annual revenue business with a 53-country footprint. “One of the questions that I had as a member of the board of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra was, could you express these values in music?" By Gigi Sukin

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There’s a big difference between a minor epiphany and what I refer to as a full category five epiphany – a mass-spectrographic, isotopic, double quad-turbo, full-blown epiphany. These are the ones people give half their kingdom for, but being part of the frequent-flier crowd for epiphanies, I’ve had the honor of dancing with them on a daily basis. While this may sound like a braggadocios statement, rest assured, behind every idea junkie is a tortured soul. By Tom Frey

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