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With the nation in recovery, investment in resources is growing. We see new commercial construction underway, roads and highways under repair, and consumer spending on the uptick. With all this new growth, companies are starting to loosen the stronghold on hiring freezes initiated when our economy was plummeting. Yes, as hiring managers and recruiters across the country seek to find talent, a highly untapped and ready workforce awaits employment. By Lida Citroën

Longtime oil-industry executive Peter Mueller saw incinerating flash gas as a waste of valuable hydrocarbon resources, so he financially assisted his son Hans Mueller, a Colorado School of Mines graduate, to develop a better technology that would eliminate resource waste and improve emission control at well sites. Hans developed the ERS unit, an innovative method to capture flash gas. Noble Energy was the first customer. After a successful demo, Noble contracted for 20 ERS units. EcoVapor Recovery Systems was off and running. By Mike Taylor

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Earlier this season, I had a patient present to the office with a primary complaint of neck pain. It was a pretty acute problem and had been getting worse. He finally decided he needed to do something about it. Through the history and evaluation process, I found that in addition to his neck trouble, he suffered daily from low back pain, which had been constant for years. Once he walked me through his exercise routine, which involved mostly flexion (bending forward) exercises, I could see why his lower back trouble never went away. By Mark Pitcher

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