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Chefs understand the importance of FIFO – “First In First Out”.  It’s the way we stay on top of our inventory – especially the perishable product – by using up the old stuff before the new stuff.  It’s a food safety basic that helps maintain freshness. But a new acronym is causing some queasiness among chefs. It has nothing to do with food borne illness, but everything to do with staying fresh.  It’s FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out”, and come to think of it, no one is immune.  Due to Instagram, FB, Twitter and so on, we are terribly worried that someone out there is having (gasp!) more fun than we.  YOLO, after all. By Laura Cook Newman

Within a decade, if you participate in a demonstration or protest, the probability of being personally identified will soon reach 100 percent. Recent protests in Turkey have many wearing gasmasks or the ever-anonymous Guy Fawkes masks to conceal their identity. At this point in history, masks are probably sufficient. However, in a few short years, people will become infinitely more traceable and simply using face paint, masks, or other theatrical disguises will offer little to shield them from the scrutiny of those with infrared scanners and other mask-penetrating technologies that take time to investigate. By Tom Frey

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The state’s health and wellness sector got a good dose of publicity when the ABC documentary series Extreme Weight Loss came to Denver. The reality show documents a 365-day weight-loss journey of 17 people classified as clinically obese. Participants spent the first 90 days at University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) in Aurora. Dr. Holly Wyatt, medical director at AHWC, helped the program’s participants lose weight safely and learn how to keep it off. By Katie Feldhaus

CBCA is accepting applications for Leadership Arts 2014-2015, the region's only leadership program focused on arts & culture. Applications are due Aug. 15.

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