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Tomorrow over a romantic candlelight dinner, you might ask your honey “How was your day?” The typical response is “fine” or “good”. But if you really want to know how someone’s day went, ask them about their thorns and roses. My daughters and I play this “game” of sorts every night at the dinner table. Kids are notoriously monosyllabic when it comes to upholding their end of the conversation, but during this exchange, they clamor to go first! By Laura Cook Newman
Pioneers of the shared economy
Some of the early pioneers of the sharing economy were Zipcar, founded in 2000, and later Airbnb, launched in 2008. Both happened before the term “sharing economy” was even invented. Later, the concept was popularized by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers in What’s Mine is Yours and Lisa Gansky in The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing. Here are some of the key players who have emerged in this space. By Tom Frey

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My experiences in parenting and business have taught me the importance of weathering the storm. There will be rough patches. Those in business should invest the time in teaching and guiding now, and let the mistakes happen — because they are definitely going to happen. By Adam Baker

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Got new wealth?
ColoradoBiz Associate Editor Gigi Sukin talks with UMB Bank Senior Vice President Marti Brust about what to do in the event of a big influx of cash.
TopCo Red Robin
Red Robin CEO Steve Carley talks about why his company is a 2013 Top Company winner. Read more about Red Robin.

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