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Have you ever climbed a mountain? There's nothing better than standing on top of the world with a 360-degree majestic view. From here, you can see forever, and this is one of the real rewards. Of course, there are many other rewards, including getting physically and mentally stronger from challenging yourself, receiving positive feedback in knowing you can accomplish a big goal, gaining confidence in your abilities, spending time with friends, learning to make good decisions along the way and enjoying the journey. Everyone has a mountain to climb in life. By Theresa Szczurek

Financial reporting is now simpler and easier to use in two significant areas. I realize you’re not used to hearing that from your accountant or auditor. That’s understandable, as it seems that each effort during the past several years to make financial reporting simpler in practice actually made it more complex and expensive. Companies have complained for years about having to mark to market assets and record differences in values on the income statement. In addition, consolidation rules have expanded to encompass more entities and the whole international standards adoption movement has been confusing and largely unsuccessful. But here are two little-known guidance changes by the Financial Accounting Standards Board you'll like. By Jim Brendel

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Kelly Perkins came up with the name for her company with her sister in 1993. Today, sans sister- partnership and happily married, the moniker still stuck. “Married Sisters doesn’t sound as good as Spinster Sisters,” laughed Perkins. While she’s been making soap since the early ‘90s, she didn’t start selling it at Front Range markets until 2010 and didn’t quit her day-job as a business analyst until 2012. By Eric Peterson

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