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The selfishness of stardom
The Trumps and Schwarzeneggers and Lance Armstrongs of the world have talent, and they worked hard, but no more so than a million other people. What sets them apart is something I don’t have. And I’m not sure I want it. By David Sneed

Top 10 ways to go venture beyond the comfort zone
It is safe and it is easy to stay within that which you have already known. It takes courage to go where you have never been before. In business and in life, I have observed that those who take the risk to travel outside their limitations have grown beyond their imaginations. By Teri Karjala

Best of CoBiz: Nine innovative job-search tactics
Take anything, but keep looking. It is no secret that many employers are discriminating against the unemployed. Work at anything (even if it is not paid) that will let you show that you're currently employed. By John Heckers

   ColoradoBiz EXTRA                                                     
The futurist: Every disaster has a beginning
Every major disaster in the world begins with the shifting of a single molecule, a spark of electrical energy or some synapse firing in a different way. We might not be able to spot that first sign of change, but can get far closer than what we detect today. By Tom Frey

Looking for Colorado's best and brightest!
Know any 21- to 39-year-olds who are making a difference in their companies while making a difference in the lives of others? The Top 25 finalists are featured in our October issue and at our Sept. 25 GenXYZ event at Mile High Station.

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 Crazy Good
Melodie Reagan talks about why Crazy Good Marketing supports the 2013 Colorado Companies to Watch program.


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