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Warren Buffett is legendary. The rest of us retire, buy homes, pay for college education, pay off debt and make gifts to family and charity, forcing us to part with our investments eventually.  We also (generally speaking) will gradually become more conservative with our portfolios as we age, eventually resulting in selling stocks. The fact of the matter is, you aren't Warren Buffett, your opportunities aren't Warren Buffett's, your goals aren't Warren Buffett's and your results don't need to be Warren Buffett's. What you need is a disciplined investment strategy that you can stick to over the long term. All else is just good happy hour banter. By James Osborne

FortZED proves that teamwork can change the world. Originally designed to transform downtown Fort Collins and the main campus of Colorado State University into a model community for a leading and replicable net Zero Energy District funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the mission has since expanded to turn all of Fort Collins into a paradigm of alternative energy sources through conservation, efficiency, renewable sources and smart technologies. By Maria Martin & Nora Caley

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As a trusted advisor and business partner, OneNeck enables customers to be more agile, competitive and cost-efficient using the right technology.  OneNeck doesn’t simply supply it, but is also in an enviable position of being the first call for help by its customers, should something go wrong. The OneNeck philosophy is simple: It's not just about best-in-class technology, it's also about relationships. By Amy Gregory

CBCA is accepting applications for Leadership Arts 2014-2015, the region's only leadership program focused on arts & culture. Applications are due Aug. 15.

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