30th Annual Stadium Stampede – Saturday June 28. Includes a 10K run, a 5K run and walk and a ½ mile Family Fun Run.  See yourself on Thundervision entering the stadium! Food, beer, a fitness expo and entertainment provided.  

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New neuroscience research shows that distractions can drastically decrease your fluid intelligence. In fact, this research demonstrates that distractions can literally make you dumb! Other research shows that certain interruptions (distractions) can change fluid IQ as much as 13 to 14 points. This is huge! It represents an increase in intelligence from average to superior or a decrease from average to borderline deficient. Remember a time when you were continually distracted — did you feel at your brilliant best or less than that? By TC North

The first 7 "perk"-iest companies
Gnip is intent on keeping its talent happy and healthy. Employees enjoy free gym memberships, monthly massages, catered breakfasts, an in-office kegerator and staff whiskey club, meditation sessions and ski passes. CEO Chris Moody stresses that “above and beyond the usual” perks are a function of the work tech people do. “The lines blur from where and when we’re working and not working,” he says. “We’ve made a point of pushing flexibility and fun." By Maria Martin 

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All you hear these days is “gluten, gluten, gluten.” I hear it and see it so often that it is ringing in my ears as if being spoken by The Swedish Chef from the Muppets in a Fake Scandinavian accent: “Gluten. Gluten. Gluten.” And it all seems as silly as The Swedish Chef, really, in that it has gone way beyond a legitimate and serious disease (celiac) to a multi-billion-dollar fad. By Jeff Rundles

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BikeSource CEO Marc Eisenberg talks with ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin about his business' growth and challenges.
Econ crystal ball
UMB Bank's Chief Investment Officer KC Mathews offers more economic insight into 2014.


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