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If your boss orders you to do something and you resist, you’ll be angry for the rest of the day. If, however, you decide to do it well, you take the power from the Roman. And you win. By David Sneed  
Switching gears for success
A company called Megabus wondered, what if you did away with the bus depot? What if you picked people up on the street corner? How about selling tickets on the web? How about creating a little buzz by selling the first fare on each route for $1? By Tom Krekel   
Already one of the highest paid professions in the country, programmer salaries are destined to climb much higher as skilled talent will be in short supply for decades to come. By Tom Frey  
   ColoradoBiz EXTRA
Joshua Dorkin was a real estate investor looking for advice. He went to the library. He went to the bookstore. He searched online. He couldn't find what he wanted, so he created it himself. By Mike Taylor
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