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Customers whip out the money objection because they don't know what else to say.  It's the most convenient way to get you to back off. The money objection creates a protective barrier around the customer so they can hide from making a decision or from telling you the truth. When you start buying into a customer's money story, they have effectively sold you. They sold you on why they cannot buy what you’re selling.  Avoid getting caught up in their money banter, because it's a black hole. By Liz Wendling

The SaaS churn effect
The subscription-based economy is coming, if not here already.  Software providers are especially focusing sales efforts away from the "transaction” model, to longer term focused “customer relationship” models.  The best example of this concept today is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business. The SaaS financial community developed sophisticated metrics to measure pertinent activities that help the business grow. By Dan King

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Have you Googled yourself lately? Not for vanity’s sake, but rather for your reputation. It’s hard to believe how much power the internet holds when it comes to the perception of your brand. You can have the best website in the game and offer outstanding services, but when a negative review goes viral, it can often feel out of your hands. A poor online reputation impacts the bottom line of your organization, but the good news is: it can be resolved. By Amy Kelsall

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Brian Moran, president of Brian Moran & Associates, talks about how the internet has changed the way small businesses market in a video from the Business Marketing Association of Colorado.
Money talks
ColoradoBiz Associate Editor Gigi Sukin continues her chat with UMB Bank Senior Vice President Marti Brust about wealth management.


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