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The world is full of endless solutions; it is simply your perceptions that limit your ability to tune into available options. You might be missing vital pieces of information that you delete or distort because they do not fit with the structure of reality you have created for yourself throughout your lifetime. The problem comes when you think these impoverished views of reality are real representations of life. By Lauren Miller

Made in Colorado honors state's top manufacturers
This year’s Small Biz Manufacturer of the Year went to Display Devices, a company with major customers including Coca Cola, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Hitachi, Panasonic and Cirque du Soleil. For nearly a quarter century, this Golden-based manufacturer has taken projects from initial concept renderings to metal bending, software writing, designing and building…all under a single roof. Its commercial audio-visual equipment is suited for environments from boardrooms to theme parks.By Gigi Sukin 

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Much of the advice on how to introduce one's self, commonly referred to as the elevator speech, is seriously outdated. Experts used to think you had the length of an elevator ride, say 30-60 seconds to make an impression, now they think its closer to 7-10. And though its name would suggest otherwise, don't be deceived: an elevator speech is not a speech. It is a conversation starter. By Julie Hansen

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ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin talks with Mitchell Gonzales, a 2013 GenXYZ Top Five winner. Read more about Mitchell. 
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UMB Bank's Eric Craine, senior vice president of Consumer Services, continues his chat with ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin.


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