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The debate of whether health care should be a for-profit industry is layered with complex ethical questions – enough for many columns. If someone cannot afford the high cost of necessary-for-life treatment, do they deserve access to it anyway? Who should shoulder that expense – is that service rate set and mandated? If so, by whom? There are college courses, centers for bioethics, centers for business ethics and endless pages of Google searches on this topic. In my world, profitability comes when we do the right thing. By Erin Gibbs

Cold-call lessons from your garden
Cold calls can be seen as weeds to sales representatives. The need to address them is a constant, unpleasant chore on our way to building a garden of good customers. But, just as in weeding, if you approach cold calling with a positive perspective and a set of procedures that work well, you can leave your desk at the end of a day feeling better about the work you've done, and the confidence of knowing that work will bear fruit in the end. By Sam Dobbins 

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When working with creative businesses, I find that most don't use one of the easiest tools to take a pulse of the market, check up on their competition and grow their business: Talking to their customers! Good organizations are in continuous contact with their customers, not just a "Hello or how are you doing?" when they make a purchase. Here is how to get started. By Neil McKenzie

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UMB Bank Chief Investment Officer KC Mathews talks about how this year's economic forecast is like a sequel to last year's, with the same cast of characters but possibly some surprises along the way.
Biz that gives
The people behind CBCA Philanthropy Award winner Arrow Electronics and finalists Odell Brewing Co. and Bellco Credit Union talk about their philosophies. Read more .


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