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When it comes to motivating employees, save on your stick budget and just hit them with the carrot. That may sound glib, but I’m serious. Here’s a specific technique. By David Sneed  
The job pool is drying up, and the best fish are tough to catch
The growing skills gap coupled with a declining “work ethic” means that your ability to successfully recruit and retain is a must-have. By Tom Krekel   
March employment gains were less than expected, less than worth writing home about and will again pose the question of whether U.S. job creation slowing. By Jeff Thredgold  
   ColoradoBiz EXTRA
Quiet Spot pet tag silencers are named for Itzadog “Lead Dog” Scott Schaible’s late dog Spot, whose noisy tags led Schaible to cut up an old wetsuit to make an anti-clinking sheath in 1999. By Eric Peterson
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