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Hiring the wrong candidates for the sake of getting someone in place is not only costly and time-consuming, it sets a negative tone with your existing employees and your overall business.  This is especially true for small companies or start-ups with fewer employees where staff additions or replacements have a seemingly larger effect on the team and on the culture of the organization. Put simply, talent matters. Think of the hiring process as a subsector of your business -- the human business -- and plan accordingly. By Mary Kaiser

Easy steps to sales success
High probability telephone prospecting involves making the kind of sales calls that result in your increased intelligence about suspects and prospects.  This intelligence, accumulated through discovery cold calls, will eliminate wasted time calling on inappropriate contacts, and free you up to gather deeper knowledge of those who currently do or will want the products and services you have to offer. Are you looking to increase your prospect-to-sales ratios? Let's roll up our sleeves and get started. By Sam Dobbins

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Bitcoin, which allows people to make anonymous electronic payments without having to reveal their identities, account information or pay fees, was introduced in 2008 and has since spread rapidly. Created by an anonymous programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto, the coins, or digital tokens, are generated by cryptographic algorithms at an unalterable rate. By Tucker Hart Adams

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UMB Bank's Eric Craine, senior vice president of Consumer Services, continues his chat about bank services.

UMB's Eric Craine
ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin talks with UMB Bank's Eric Craine, senior vice president of Consumer Services, about what customers expect from their bank


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