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In our personal lives, we know we should call our family more often, eat healthier, clean our office or home, or exercise a few days a week.  But some of us don’t. In our professional lives, we know we should attend more networking events, follow-up with a few more customers, work on a sales presentation, increase prospecting and reach out to past clients. But some of us don’t. Procrastination wins every time. By Liz Wendling

Great fundraising strategies
Don’t panic! It’s a few weeks before your deadline and you’re falling short of the goal. Don’t start to rubber ball or promise the moon. Rather, review your notes and see if you’re missing something, perhaps not answering questions thoroughly. Canvass your team and look for other opportunities. If you get a "yes,"ensure results are well-documented and there is a procedure in place for invoicing.  Use a checklist to make sure the sponsor receives everything that has been promised – including that all-important "thank you" letter. By Vicki Felmlee
In 1953, out of a garage in Ogden, Utah, Florence and Ward Smith produced an alkaline wash to sanitize and whiten edible tripe. Sixty years later, their granddaughter, Kelly Green, serves as chairman of the board and the third-generation owner of Birko. In its history, the organization has established a solid reputation as a leading provider of food safety solutions for the meat, produce and brewing industries. By Gigi Sukin

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Remember that the Fed tries to accomplish two things: sustainable job growth and stable inflation. It does this through buying and selling treasury securities, which has an immediate impact on bank reserves and interest rates. Most of the focus over the last few years has been on interest rates, which have stayed at record lows for an extended period of time, as the Fed increased its holdings of treasury and agency securities to $3.5 trillion. By Tucker Hart Adams
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