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We’ve all heard of “Death by PowerPoint” – a live presentation focused on a lengthy deck with slide after slide of facts, data, charts, numbers, and words. Then the poor chump who created this labor of love proceeds to address the screen and read it verbatim. The captive audience grimaces through the presentation while their minds drift to more important things.  “Did I feed the cat this morning?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  What rhymes with ‘orange’?” By Laura Cook Newman

Value investing: Simple strategies
Buy low, sell high. This simple adage sums up the value investing philosophy. But in practice, value investing is far from simple. Done right, it involves in-depth investigation of a company’s business, industry and competitors; a valuation of its assets and cash flows; and complex quantitative analyses of its financial results and stock performance. For everyday investors, a true value approach can be daunting. Yet there are some simple strategies available. By Thomas Alley

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It’s been an uphill battle over the years, given that so many unscrupulous business practices have come to light in the ensuing decades.
But nearly every year since the first ceremony in spring 1991, a myriad of Colorado businesses, nonprofits and businesspeople have been highlighted by CEBA, setting high standards for ethical practices.
By Jeff Rundles

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