Mountain meetings are different here. With flexible meeting space, exceptional service and plenty of amenities, Beaver Run in historic Breckenridge, is the perfect location for meetings. Prepare to be pleased..

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Most enlightened leaders understand that talented people won’t work in environments where their every move is choreographed and their decisions are second-guessed. They also know that with every pair of hands they hire, a brain usually comes along and they can leverage their team members’ intelligence and skills to go further than they could alone. This is, in essence, the definition of leadership. By Todd Ordal

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Google’s largest computer data centers are built around thousands and thousands of flawed machines that individually fail time and again. With systems for circumventing failures when they occur, the overall machine, in its entirety is more than a little impressive. People are very similar. We are all flawed individuals, mired in an ocean of personal chaos. But the same imperfections we see on the micro scale change dramatically when we transcend to look at humanity on a macro scale. By Tom Frey

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Anthony Pigliacampo and Rob McColgan sized up the Front Range landscape and didn’t see saturation; they saw a market where consumers were already familiar with — and receptive to — the fast-casual formula of better-quality food at higher price points and a finer dine-in atmosphere than fast food venues offer. So the duo opened Modmarket. By Mike Taylor

We're looking for the 21 to 39-year-old go-getters, mobilizers and hot-shots in Colorado. Sound like any one you know? Nominate them today! Deadline: May 23
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The $54 million reimagination of Broadmoor West completely transforms both the exterior and interior of the building, with 31 new rooms and suites, more than 150 rooms expanded and updated and two new restaurants.


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