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I worked for a snack company.  We had several display racks, ranging in size and sophistication, we were able to give to customers, gratis. I’d sell in several cases of snacks and then quickly follow that by offering them a complimentary display rack. I was expecting them to say, “Wow!  Thank you so much!”  But instead, I usually got, “Sure, ship in the rack if you want.”I was perplexed; I just gave them something useful for free and they agreed to take one as if they were doing me the favor. Then I became a parent and figured out the secret so I wouldn’t have to take any more licks. By Laura Cook Newman

In 2007, Cartasite partnered with Denver to run a large-scale science experiment, called Driving Change. CEO David Armitage and then-Mayor John Hickenlooper collaborated to install sensors in 500 vehicles that would assess individual driver performance for a full year and determine if subtle behaviors behind the wheel could be positively influenced to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and increase safety. By Mike Taylor

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As soon as you register for your stay, the hotel begins to track and understand you. On the day of your arrival, the hotel knows where you are and anticipates your arrival. When you get within 10 miles, the hotel automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity levels to your liking so it will be perfect when you arrive. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an automated luggage attendant designed to whisk your bags to your room. By Tom Frey

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