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Traditional selling has taught salespeople to listen closely but only listen for “buying signals.” Then as soon as they hear one, jump right in and start selling. This is precisely the moment when salespeople quit listening, step on the gas, and start to close the sale. Customers will nod and pretend to listen nicely. In the back of their minds they cannot wait to get rid of you and say “I need to think about it.” You have just talked your way out of another sale! By Liz Wendling

Why hotels are a DOL target
Hotels have been a specific target of the U.S. Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division in Colorado in recent years.  On a national level, hotels have a high rate of investigation by the Wage and Hour Division and they are frequently found in violation of overtime law due to a variety of unique pay practices. In fact, hotels are the third most commonly investigated sector, only behind full service and limited service restaurants. Another reason for increased enforcement is that hotels employ a high percentage of what the WHD refers to as “vulnerable workers”. By Kalen Fraser 

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The good news for those who are not natural leaders, but are in positions of leadership, is you can learn skills critical to successful leadership. The most important of these skills can be summarized in one phrase: develop a clear, quantified vision of what you plan to achieve and communicate it unambiguously. This vision must define success in precise terms and provide the basis for your key managers to in turn define their own objectives or vision. By Larry Valant

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The people behind the Workspace Award-winning Gates Family Foundation and finalists GroundFloor Media and McGeady Sisneros PC talk about what motivates and inspires them. Read more about the award winner and finalists. 
KC's sequel
UMB Bank Chief Investment Officer KC Mathews talks about how this year's economic forecast is like a sequel to last year's, with the same cast of characters but possibly some surprises along the way.

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