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A friend expressed frustration with his company the other day. When I queried him about his frustration, he summed it up by saying that they had started to focus on “metrics over mission.” In this particular example, concern for improving the lives of their customers is starting to take a back seat to short-term revenue targets and internally focused metrics. Newsflash: When you are focused inward, it means that your tush is facing the customer! When you are not hitting the numbers that you aspire to, it is important to understand why before you start employing drastic actions to pump up the results. There are three possible reasons for missing numbers, and they all have different courses of action. By Todd Ordal

Of Alpine Bank’s 37 branches, the bank owns and manages 25, which were part of the Green the Banks by 2012, which set energy reduction goals against a 2006 baseline. By 2012 the locations had a 16 percent reduction in energy use, 35 percent reduction in paper use, 39 percent reduction in water use, and 100 percent reduction in fleet fuel. Alpine Bank eliminated couriers in 2010, and the bulk of documents are now transmitted electronically. By Maria Martin & Nora Caley

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With college and a little bit of grad school behind me, I struck out in 1958 to “seek my fortune,” as they say. The best salesmen I knew were back-slapping, lunch-buying, joke-telling guys who had all the answers and could talk nonstop. I got a job in sales, but a year and a half later no fortune had come my way. But before I moved on, one of my bosses gave me my first lesson. By Pat Wiesner

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