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POE is also an acronym for the three categories of media marketing. Though a common practice in large enterprises, POE is often overlooked by smaller businesses. The term media marketing is most often thought of in the context of mass media, but in reality, media marketing is simply communicating your story. Recognizing and understanding the many forms of media and utilizing each category of POE will increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing. By Steve Baker

The perils of third-party IP policy shifts
The trick is, in an age where so much content is being generated, how do you separate the truly infringing works from those that would fall under fair use? With millions and millions of videos on YouTube, it is certainly a daunting task. Often, companies cast a very broad net with the knowledge that some legitimate use will be included. By Peter Lemire

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When you’re just starting out, working long hours and feeling consumed by the learning curve is part of the traditional and necessary process. The presumption is that as you age and gain more experience you can supplant some of the toil with expertise. Funny how things like recessions,and especially a Great Recession, can change that. By Jeff Rundles

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