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November 11, 2010

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Today in ColoradoBiz Update

Going about 35 miles per hour....

The American economy is a modified "hot rod" featuring two separate gas pedals--with each pedal pushed fully to the floor. By Jeff Thredgold

First rule of hole management: stop digging

Are things getting better? We suspect they are - but we believe the unemployment rate is going to remain sticky. By Bill Greiner

Election 2010: Was anyone really surprised?

My 12 correct predictions were helped by my being objective about the outcome of the 12 races. Here was my analysis prior to Election Day. By Aaron Harber

ColoradoBiz EXTRA

Rundles wrap up: Marshall-ing a new age

Marshall McLuhan coined the term "global village" 50 years ago, predicted the demise of print culture and foresaw the Internet 30 years before it existed. By Jeff Rundles

Top 25 Most Powerful Salespeople in Colorado

 Who's the most powerful salesperson in your sphere of business? We profile the state's "25 Most Powerful Salespeople" in our January issue based on your nominations. Nominate someone who sells for you or to you! Deadline: Nov. 12. Read more about it.

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Energy dynamics

Editor Mike  Cote talks with James May of the Energy Dynamics Lab/Utah State University about its latest innovation at the Rocky Mounain Cleantech Open.

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Ipod overload?

Dave Taylor and friends discuss Apple's latest iPod upgrades.


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