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I recently surveyed successful entrepreneurial CEOs in one of my workshops. Amazingly, I found that 100 percent of them wanted more courage and confidence in at least some situations, and 100 percent knew they had fears that were blocking their success. They later stated it was a relief to know that all of their colleagues had fears and they weren’t alone. Does it help you to know that you aren’t alone and that highly successful CEOs experience this as well? By TC North

Language of sales success
The words we speak make up about 7 percent of effective communication, but they’re almost always deal sealers or deal stealers. I’m not just referring to asking the right question at the right time, handling objections when they arise or knowing all the facts about your product or service.  It means not stepping on word landmines. To become a lean, mean, selling machine means ridding yourself of the words and phrases that repel buyers.  It means freeing yourself of the language that diminishes your power and decreases your credibility. By Liz Wendling
Those who were confident but not always certain were more successful, more fun to be around and more respected by their teams. Those who were always certain (think Donald Rumsfeld) were constantly one step away from a catastrophic error. And if it came, they had little support from those around them. Know-it-alls who fall rarely get help up from anyone. The further up the ladder you get in an organization, confidence becomes more important and certainty more dangerous. Adhering to rigid dogma virtually ensures your failure. By Todd Ordal

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Perhaps this is nothing more than a form of therapy for me, but I’d like to take you along on a rare inner personal journey into how I think about the biggest of all big picture issues. And it all starts with one simple question. “Why are there exceptions to every rule?” By Tom Frey
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