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May 6, 2010

ColoradoBiz P2 Update

Today in ColoradoBiz Politics & Policy Update

The economics of immigration reform


It's difficult to deny the economic impact of immigrant labor and the challenge we face. Have you got an opinion? Let's hear it. By Bart Taylor


Read last week's column on immigration from ColoradoBiz Publisher Bart Taylor.

Immigration: it's broke -- so let's fix it

Many people assume that low-skilled immigrants take jobs from American workers. But actually, the opposite is true. We all have a stake in fixing the immigration system because reform will benefit our economy. By Mike Gilsdorf 

Election 2010: Ken Buck and the not-so-impossible Senate dream


Despite a much more modest campaign war chest than presumed frontrunner Jane Norton, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck narrowly bested his opponent in the Republican caucus in March. By Mike Cote


The tension between privacy, security and convenience

The goal with this type of equation is to build well-balanced systems where boundaries are properly drawn and no one issue dominates. By Thomas Frey


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Community Calendar


Find out more about the Startup Junkie Underground: Doing Business in India moderated by ColoradoBiz Editor Mike Cote on May 17. Check out ColoradoBiz's other sponsored events and community events or submit your own.

Colorado's Top 50 Minority-Owned Companies

Nominate your company for ColoradoBiz magazine's annual ranking of the Top 50 Minority-Owned Companies in July. Nomination deadline: May 21, 2010

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    Ecotech and the new energy economy


    ColoradoBiz Editor Mike Cote talks with Gov. Bill Ritter at the launch of the Ecotech Institute, the nation's first-ever training facility for a clean-energy workforce.

    ColoradoBiz Podcasts podcast-xcel

    When worlds collide: Google, China and personal freedom

    A chat with Dave Taylor and friends about the web's potential impact on people in countries where information is controlled by the government.

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