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Barbie. What better symbol of bland perfection? Perfect hair. Perfect make-up, great fashion.  If she could talk, she would always say exactly the right thing.  Barbie’s house: Neat, clean, well-appointed. Barbie’s car:  Sporty, a convertible. Who doesn’t love Barbie? She is the celebrity flirt with long blond hair and fabulous eyes.  All the guys are crazy about her because she can wear a sweater like she just won first place in a wet t-shirt contest.  And you swear she doesn’t have a brain, but apparently she doesn’t need one. Lucky her! By Jane Miller

The pain imperative in sales
As salespeople, we have ways of adding value to a product or service. To use price as an excuse is equivalent to saying, "I utterly failed in this sales process because I was unable to show any value in my product or service to the prospect.” But everyone preaches selling value, right? I propose salespeople understand more what really motivates people to buy versus just selling value. People buy for two major reasons. By Gary Harvey 

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If the Rockies are able to compete in the National League West this year, the team will have to pull off some serious Billy Beane magic by overachieving from a payroll standpoint. That’s not because the Rox are skinflints. The projected 2014 payroll – around $90 million – would land the team near the midpoint of MLB spenders; but because of what’s happening in Los Angeles. By Stewart Schley

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UMB Bank Chief Investment Officer KC Mathews talks about the best investments for 2014 with ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin.


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