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June 14, 2010

ColoradoBiz Update

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Today in ColoradoBiz Update

No summer vacation for you!

You've been laid off, and it's summer. Your thoughts turn to road trips, sandy white beaches or time with the kids. But if you're job hunting -- forget it. By John Heckers

On management: an adventure in finding a hero

It started as a nightmare. After being on the road for two weeks in a motor home on the way to this year's Kentucky Derby, I scraped the back end of my rig in a crowded Cracker Barrel parking lot. By Pat Wiesner

Five things everyone should know about relocation

The lackluster job and housing markets has brought corporate relocations to a near halt. While this news is discouraging, the positive side is that employees and job seekers have some control over their fate. By Kimberly Smith

Paper or plastic...or cornstarch?

China's decision to charge for plastic bags in 2008 has cut demand by some 40 billion bags -- or 1.6 million tons of petroleum. By the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine

The Gen XYZ 25: Colorado's Most Influential Young Professionals


ColoradoBiz wants to celebrate the young entrepreneurs of the 21st century! We're looking for 21- to 39-year-olds who are creating game-changing technologies, business strategies, products and services. The Top 25 finalists will appear in our October issue and at our Gen XYZ party on Sept. 30 at Mile High Station.

Nominate your favorite young professional today!

Deadline for submission is June 30.

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United we fly -- the Continental way?


Channel 7 News looks at the impact of the proposed merger between United and Continental airlines.

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When worlds collide: Google, China and personal freedom

A chat with Dave Taylor and friends about the web's potential impact on people in countries where information is controlled by the government.


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