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You can radically change the way your prospects interact and stay in touch with you. Change your approach and you will change your results. Instead of using the same language as your competition say something different. If you don’t, you will blend right in. So avoid using, “I was just checking in, following up, touching base, reaching out.” And start saying, “The last time we spoke you mentioned, or in our last conversation you wanted me to, or I was calling to pick our conversation where we left off regarding…” Get creative! Be different! Stand out! By Liz Wendling

JustRight Surgical operates in the “extremely competitive” health care and social assistance market, designing, developing and producing medical instruments, mainly focusing on mini-laparoscopic products to advance surgical approaches. While JustRight must have its products approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as any medical device manufacturer must, its corporate strategy to address unanswered needs of pediatric surgeons is anticipated to grow the company. JustRight strives to shrink the size of surgical instruments, as surgeons have long requested smaller tools in an attempt to reduce invasiveness. By Gigi Sukin

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It started when we picked up the Sorento at the Detroit Airport. We have four suitcases and two golf travel bags (yes, we flew Southwest, three of us, and the bags flew free). They call the Sorento a CUV – Crossover Utility Vehicle – because since its second generation is built on a car platform rather than a truck’s, but don’t let that fool you: this is all SUV. All six bags fit in the way-back, as they say, including the space over the folded down third-row seating, with relative ease. By Jeff Rundles

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Aaron Harber wraps up  his chat with Ken Buck, GOP candidate for Colorado's 4th Congressional District, who faces Democrat Vic Meyers of Trinidad in November.

Aaron Harber continues his chat with Ken Buck, GOP candidate for Colorado's 4th Congressional District, about the issues of the day.


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