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I’ve recently climbed aboard the Broncos’ bandwagon.  Not enjoying native status, I’ve never owned clothing with the head of a white horse silkscreened across the chest, nor understood why that car dealer is always being interviewed about the team’s stats. Despite my slow uptake, after 12 years of paying Colorado state taxes, I can say that I’ve become “United in Orange”.  Why the change?  Well, winning games certainly helps one support a team.  But really, I just like listening to Peyton Manning yell “Omaha!” repeatedly over the course of four quarters. By Laura Cook Newman

Selling with the right brain
The right side of the brain is more interested in the interpersonal experience than in the goal. You will find yourself less rigid and less tense and more energized and flexible. Your cold call will sound less like a speech and allow the conversation to sound more natural and move at its own pace. Here are five reasons why tapping into your right side of the brain will improve your business-to-business discovery cold calls. By Sam Dobbins

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As I go through my ColoradoBiz files, I find things I never got around to and supplemental reflections on subjects I’ve already covered. First, the endless complaints that the rich get richer and the rest of us suffer. I ran across the fact that it takes the average American household about 25 years to earn a million dollars. That’s hardly poverty-level income. By Tucker Hart Adams

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