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Chef Laura: Flawed to perfection
As we weave our career tapestries, let’s not beat ourselves up too much over the minutia.  There’s no need to advertise our flaws like the town crier.  And if someone notices a small imperfection in our work, tell ‘em the Tale of the Persian Rug.  It reminds ourselves that we are all human, not gods. Chefs included. By Laura Cook Newman

U.S. oil prices: Let the good times roll
A funny thing happened on the way to the euro. When first introduced to the global financial markets in 1999, it began to appreciate in value compared with the U.S. dollar. Around this time, West Texas Intermediate crude oil was trading below $20 a barrel. As the dollar lost value, oil began to rise. Is this a coincidence? By Jim Harden
GenXYZ winner: Amanda Mountain
"A big part of what we want to do is create a pipeline for citizens to tell stories that wouldn’t be told. We partner with libraries and universities, provide a public media lab, and offer access to equipment so people can be empowered." By Maria Martin
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Sports biz: We are what we watch
The funding of medical claims and related efforts to study safety and health issues signal that the NFL is addressing the concussion tragedy.That’s not to say the league admitted publicly to a link between playing football and brain injury. But fans aren’t naïve. And the public exposure of an issue that is highly unsettling forces a reckoning with a game many of us love. By Stewart Schley
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TopCo Level 3
Laurinda Pang of Level 3 Communications talks about why her company was a 2013 Top Company winner. Read more about Level 3.

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