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There are days when life slams a door shut.  What do the most successful people do? Regenerate. This is the R in Sunflower.  Passionate pursuers, as described in the book Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, have the SUNFLOWER Traits, whereby each letter aligns with a different characteristic or trait.  A regenerative nature allows Passionate Pursuers to revive, renew, and produce again despite adversity, setbacks and obstacles. By Theresa Szczurek

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Mike Mahoney started making skateboards long before he bought a press and went pro in 2005. The former woodworking teacher saw an opportunity to make classic longboards - as opposed to smaller street skateboards, largely disposable and produced overseas - with an artful wood veneer and has been riding the wave of the longboard boom for most of the last decade. Mahoney attributes it to nostalgia of 30- to 50-somethings. “Those guys are now coming back to it for various reasons,” he says. By Eric Peterson

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Driverless technology will initially require a driver, but it will quickly creep into everyday use much as airbags did. First, as an expensive option for luxury cars, but eventually it will become a safety feature stipulated by the government. Over the next 10 years, we will see the first wave of autonomous vehicles hit the roads, with some of the first inroads made by vehicles that deliver packages, groceries and fast-mail envelopes. By Tom Frey

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