Golf for Autism!
The Joshua School hosts its 2nd annual golf tournament at Todd Creek Golf Club in Thornton on Friday June 6. Looking for sponsors & golfers!


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Change is uncomfortable and sometimes hard to look at—no different than looking at the gravely ill woman in “Science and Charity” and then seeing the jarring shapes of the new cubist style in “Three Musicians.” Being the creative genius he was, Picasso explored art through many styles and textures, never settling on anything as perfect. We are not Picasso. In all of human history there will only be one. But we can learn from him. Through art and other symbols, all business people can recognize the call to change or the point of awakening when it is time to do it better, to do it differently, to disrupt and accept the risk of stepping outside the expected. By Erin Gibbs

Sales means getting knocked down
Selling is a “Broadway show put on by a psychiatrist.” Actors have their bad and good days on the stage in their “roles.” Those roles are not who they really are as people. But if they allow accolades or criticism of their performance to impact their self-esteem and self-worth, it can have a major negative impact on future role performances.  By Gary Harvey

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Elite-level gymnastics coach Kyle Kirkpatrick spent close to $300 on a pair of high-end earphones to wear while running, and when they didn't work, he set out to solve the problem himself. He educated himself on ergonomics and chemistry and started prototyping. By Eric Peterson

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