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Today’s consumers don’t want to be assaulted by canned sales pitches and one-way monologues. They are sick and tired of being on the receiving end of those types of conversations. They want to be invited into a two-way dialogue where they can be heard and understood. Unfortunately, many companies are still using outdated sales pitches as their selling strategy. They believe that telling prospects about their company, their services, and their reputation, is an effective way to inspire people to buy. By Liz Wendling

Tax-time talk for high earners
Lack of year-end tax planning might prove harmful. Meet with your trusted tax advisor to determine which year-end strategies will benefit you. If you don’t have an advisor who will give you a customized plan, find a CPA who will take your particular situation and planning goals into account. Minimizing taxes can be done despite the new tax rules for high-income earners. By Brian Frevert
When billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk proposed his Hyperloop technology earlier this year – machinery he said could revolutionize long-distance travel  – he sparked a worldwide wave of interest in the possibilities of reduced-friction, tube-based transportation. But lost in most of the hype was the fact that a Colorado operation is months away from starting construction on a prototype that uses almost the exact same technology. By Mike Dano

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The shenanigans in D.C. over the last year or so have convinced me that we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and joined Alice on the other side of the looking glass. So it seems like a good time to consider six impossible things before breakfast. Impossible Thing No. 1 – Redo the congressional districting. By Tucker Hart Adams
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