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Marriages have ended over commode seat placement. It exists at the office, too. The sly kitchen elf who pours themselves the last cup of coffee and neglects to brew another pot. Or the tricky troll who runs 6,000 copies, depleting all the ink from the Xerox. Pro kitchens aren’t immune, either.  If you surveyed a group of chefs and asked what their biggest pet peeve about their job is, do you know what they’d say? By Laura Cook Newman

The tech-savvy board
In the past, common practice was to develop the strategy and then figure out how to implement it via a technology solution if appropriate. Today, the technology is integral to the development of the strategy. It is not one first then the other. They must co-exist—reinforcing each other to attain corporate goals. Recent technology changes have opened up business opportunities that were not even considered a few years ago. By Tracy Houston
GenXYZ winner: Shane Gring
"After I graduated from Miami of Ohio, I was with AmeriCorps for a year, and I ended up in Colorado, where I went to work for Habitat for Humanity. I saw an opportunity not only to build better homes for families, but to educate people. I came up with this program that would teach professionals about green building while helping nonprofits." By Lynn Bronikowski

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Seven ways internet marketing is changing how we do business
The business landscape has already shifted toward more digital efforts, and whether you’re a small business with limited resources or a large corporation, you’re expected to not only do internet marketing, but do it well. Of course, before marketers and public relations professionals dive into the digital realm, they need to know the foundational principles and processes of the industry. By Amy Kelsall
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