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I was just at a thought-leadership conference with some talented colleagues, and we had a dynamic speaker. He talked about the seminal moments in his life that led to his success. It wasn’t so much about brilliance at the precise moment, but rather what he did to prepare that allowed him to identify the moment and do the right thing. The same principle applies to business. By Todd Ordal

Big cash, big questions
Whether it’s selling a business, earning a large commission or accepting an executive buyout, these are milestone events that provide individuals with a significant sum of money. With that influx of cash comes numerous investment questions and options—particularly when current employment is affected, but retirement is not the end goal. By Marti Brust
GenXYZ winner: Dalton Sprouse
Sprouse brings his passion for leadership to the Center, where he helps the organization raise funds and direct the charge to create character-development programs for youth. "In elementary school, a teacher asked everyone in the class [that question]. I answered, ‘I don’t know what I want to be, but I know I want to be successful.’ She told me that wasn’t a good answer. To this day, I disagree." By Maria Martin

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Best of CoBiz: Six good reasons to shun corporate-speak
In these difficult times, it is absolutely essential to eliminate jargon, circumlocutions and other corporate double-speak from your interviewing vocabulary. One good exercise is to explain, as if to a second grader, what you do for a living. Don’t use any jargon, corporate “buzzwords” or other words that a second grader would not understand. If you cannot do this, you truly do not know what you do for a living. By John Heckers
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