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Too often, your relationship with yourself is toxic. What intonations do you use with yourself? Do you hold merciless expectations around your own performance? This reveals an external attachment to something outside of you that you have given power to in terms of defining your sense of worth and value that often sounds like: “I will love myself if…I will accept myself after I accomplish this, that or the other thing.” Explore  putting healthy self-care systems in place that refresh and motivate you fromthe inside out. By Lauren Miller

CFOs: C-suite's big-picture people
When information and data take center stage, it can help organizations make better fact-based decisions and create better processes. However, transforming into this new intelligent business model can be a significant change journey. An effective information-driven approach should apply historical, current and predictive analytics to give organizations a 360-degree view of their data. By Don Mailliard & Dave Barnett 

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Organizations that base performance reviews on quantitative measures and objective standards of performance provide the basis for honest and true feedback on performance. Such performance reviews are the foundation for effective coaching and management development. By Larry Valant

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Gibson Athletic President Brian Smith talks about his business making equipment for functional fitness training.

Leadership ahoy
A look at John Madden, Jr. Leadership Award winners Bob and Judi Newman and finalists Duke Hartman and J. Landis Martin. Read more.


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