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It was my first time managing teen-agers who had never had a job before, let alone a job in food service. Their naiveté combined with their Gen Y mentality showed in their lackadaisical work ethic. My biggest challenge was getting these newbies to understand the importance of punctuality. Initially, I went into Chef Napoleon mode and laid into them when they coasted in 10 minutes late. I was flabbergasted when they continued to come in late after my tongue lashing. I would’ve loved to can ‘em all.  But the corporate owners encouraged me to “work with them”. It was time to get creative. By Laura Cook Newman

We’re prone to make predictions about everything – the season finales of popular television, the winning team of the World Cup, the apocalypse, the economy, technology and everything in between. Though hardly impervious to market shifts or trends, academia is generally a little late to the game. But CU-Boulder is positioning itself as a future-betting ringleader as it weighs in on what’s  ahead for media, communication and info dissemination. By Gigi Sukin

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The Nissan Note had one thing neither of its Japanese competitors has: While it is a tiny car from the outside, it transforms itself into a rather large ride when you are behind the wheel. The car feels roomy behind the steering wheel – the dash is far away and there is plenty of elbow room – and it feels roomy when you are in the back seat – plenty of foot/leg room, the height is great for head room, and the back doors open wide enough for comfortable in and out. Plus, while the rear deck under the hatchback isn’t huge, it is more than adequate for most grocery runs. By Jeff Rundles

CBCA is accepting applications for Leadership Arts 2014-2015, the region's only leadership program focused on arts & culture. Applications are due August 15.

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