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Nordstrom is where I learned this sleight-of-hand. It works like a charm with shoes, and it might work for your company’s widgets/services, too. Before given free roam of the showroom, I shadowed the store’s top salesman, Marty.  Unlike a Las Vegas headliner, he wasn’t particularly handsome, didn’t dress in head-to-toe black and just had me - not a scantily clad assistant – by his side.  But Marty was a magician in his own right. By Laura Cook Newman

Curing the meeting epidemic
Back-to-back meetings severely restrict our time to perform job functions or think about growing and improving the business. While a “meeting-free” business environment is probably not an ideal solution, there are several ways to boost meeting productivity and ensure a more efficient use of everybody’s time. Consider the following tips for your next meeting. By Greg Hurst
GenXYZ winner: Randy Watkins
"I grew up wanting to be an engineer. My dad was a CPA but he never pushed me in that direction. In high school, however, I took an accounting class and did well. So my dad encouraged me to go to UNC (University of Northern Colorado), which was his alma mater." By Maria Martin

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The value of an MBA
A career tending to the needs of animals gave Joanne Brownhill an edge when she started a new career in the human health care field. When she developed allergies to pets after 14 years as a veterinarian and changed careers, she realized how much she still had to learn. The director of knowledge development at Truven Health Analytics decided that earning an executive MBA degree from the University of Denver could fill in the gaps. By Maria Martin
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